WATER AND SUN: Each book is $1.00.  If you haven't read it, it's new to you!  Simply purchase a book/s by donating to the cash box.

PLANT THE SEEDS:  To get started with Treecycling, simply collect lightly used books from your school population.

GROW:  All the funds accumulated are directly given to the Tree Canopy Fund (or other greenifying event)  at your school,  church, or neighborhood, or fundraiser.

Treecyling is a creative way to build literacy and tree canopies in one cycle!  In turn, we grow a clearer understanding of just how much we rely on tree- our ever generous breathing buddies!  

Become a Treecycler Today!

HARVEST:  Enjoy the benefits of great books and greener space!  Feel great that you are bringing awareness to the true source of our books via paper and inspiration!  The birds and squirrels love treecyclers too!